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Crown corks
in 26mm for standard bottles with crown cork bottle mouth
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Crown cap 26mm

for gaseous and still drinks with alcohol or alcohol-free

The ideal bottle cap

The crown cork, also called beer capsules, is a very popular bottle cap.

It is very easy to use, very reliable in its function, suitable for one-way and returnable bottles. Individual design such as the desired color and/or the imprint of a logo or product name is possible.


With personalization you make your product stand out!

The perfect closure for:

Commercially available bottles with a mouth for 26mm crown corks.

  • still drinks
  • carbonated drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic drinks

Crown corks are often found on beer, mineral water, alcopops, fruit juices,...

Whether on large automated filling systems or with a simple manual sealer for the small private brewery, the crown cork meets all requirements.

Advantages of the crown cap:

  • inexpensive
  • individually designed (e.g. logo)
  • From small quantities with imprints on standard colors (starting from 100 pieces)
  • environmentally friendly/recyclable
  • suitable for industrial plants (bulk bottlers)
  • suitable for manual sealers (small fillers, private fillers)
  • individual colors from 400,000 pieces possible
  • Standard colors/stock items from 1,000 pieces in the colors gold, white, black, bordeaux (dark red), dark green, bronze, blue, orange, red, silver, yellow
Crown cap with print

Give your product your personal touch!

Crown caps with your personal imprint

Starting from 100 pieces:

Ideal for:

  • Preparation of samples for marketing purposes (visual and test samples)
  • limited editions
  • Small and private beer brewers and bottlers
  • Underlines your personal touch and highlights your product

Whether your logo, a graphic, or a photo; just a few pieces for the marketing department for decision-making or small series in the private or corporate sector. We meet all your requirements with our digital printing.

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Kronenkorken mit Druck

Technical information about the crown caps

Contents per box : 10,000 pieces

Size : 26mm mini according to DIN 6099: 1987 for disposable and reusable bottles (mouthpiece according to ISO 8163)

Sealing insert : PVC-free, conforms to the regulations of the EU and Austria for use on food

Internal pressure resistance : Liquid-tight class "A (minimum 8 bar)", (according to STLB: 2003): suitable for products where high pressure resistance is required (carbonated beverages).

Filling temperature : up to 80 °

Average pressure resistance :> 10 bar

Conforms to the regulations of the EU and Austria for use on food
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