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Aluminium Drehverschlüsse in den gängigen Grössen
in 26mm für handelsübliche Flaschen mit Kronenkork-Flaschenmündung
Originalitätsschutz und Dekoration für Ihre Flaschen
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Shrink capsules

the decorative tamper-evident protection for your bottles

The decorative capsule over the bottle cap

Shrink capsules, also known as shrink sleeves, offer both attractive visual features for your product and improved product safety. This is particularly important when using closures without a safety ring.

Consumers can be sure that the contents of the bottle have not been tampered with.


Make your product stand out with personalization!

Shrink capsules are suitable for

Commercial bottles for screw caps, corks, glass closures,...

  • Wine bottles
  • Distillates
  • Syrup

Also available in special sizes for other products as tamper-evident protection.

Easy to apply by hand or with automated systems.

Advantages of the shrink capsule:

  • many sizes (diameter, length)
  • individually designed (e.g. logo)
  • suitable for industrial plants (bulk bottlers)
  • Can be closed by hand (hairdryer, hand shrinker), suitable for small and private fillers
  • individual colors
  • protection for your product
  • the perfect appearance of the product
Shrink capsules with print

Give your product your personal touch!

Shrink capsules with their own print make your product stand out. In coordination with the label, this increases the recognition value on sales shelves and in cardboard packaging. It is immediately recognizable from the capsule which product it is.

In the case of shrink capsules with a low height, print is possible only on the head, in the case of long closures, side print is also possible.

Your own printing and colors of your choice, tailored to the bottle, are possible from approx. 25,000 pieces in the common size 31x60. Other sizes and special sizes on request.

Schrumpfkapsel mit Aufdruck

Shrink capsules

PVC Schrumpfkapseln
Size : 31x50 / 55 / 60mm
Lid perforation : 4
Tear strip: 15mm from above, suitable for handle cork, cork and MCA28 screw cap

The size 31x60 is the most common shrink capsule and suitable for a large number of bottles.

Custom colors and imprints are possible from 25,000 pieces.

Other sizes and designs on request

Ideally, please send us a bottle drawing and / or a sample bottle to see if it is possible.

Also possible for other packaging such as small spice jars. 
Only on request
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