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Aluminium Drehverschlüsse in den gängigen Grössen
in 26mm für handelsübliche Flaschen mit Kronenkork-Flaschenmündung
Originalitätsschutz und Dekoration für Ihre Flaschen
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Aluminum roll on closures

for gaseous and still drinks with alcohol or alcohol-free
or pharmaceutical products

The ideal bottle cap

We offer a wide range of aluminium roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures, including non-refillable & long skirted closures with appropriate liners (EPI, Saranex & Tin) for wine & spirits, water & soft drinks as well as food & pharmaceuticals.

It is very reliable and suitable for one-way and returnable bottles. Individual design such as the desired color and/or the imprint of a logo or product name is possible.

Easily resealable, therefore ideal for drinks that are not immediately consumed in their entirety.


With personalization you make your product stand out from the crowd!

The perfect closure for:

Commercially available bottles with a suitable finish for the respective size.

  • still drinks
  • carbonated drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Fruit juices

Screw caps can be found on wine bottles, mineral water, alcopops, fruit juices, distillates (rum, vodka, whiskey, ...), and many other drinks.

Due to a large number of bottle and closure sizes, it is important to choose the right closure for the bottle! Your bottle dealer can give you information about the right closure.

Advantages of aluminium closures:

  • many sizes
  • individual design (e.g. logo)
  • different seals for different requirements
  • various uses (e.g. oil pourer, non-refillable pourer)
  • available for bottles from miniatures (2cl) to 1l and more
  • environmentally friendly/recyclable
  • suitable for industrial plants (bulk bottlers)
  • suitable for hand sealers (roller) (small fillers, private fillers)
  • individual colors
  • Tamper-evident protection (for closures with locking ring)
  • ATTENTION: Roller necessary for the thread
Aluminium closures with print

Give your product your personal touch!

Aluminium bottle closures with your own print make your product stand out. In coordination with the label, it increases the recognition value on sales shelves and in cardboard packaging. It is immediately recognizable from the closure which product it is.

For closures that are only small in height, only one push of the head is possible, with long closures also a side pressure.

Depending on the production, the minimum quantities are very different; with small closures this is higher than with large closures.

Please ask for the minimum quantity based on the closure size.

Drehverschluss mit Aufdruck

Aluminum screw caps

Drehverschlüsse aus Aluminium

Screw caps for beverages and pharmaceutical products

Beverage closures:

Sizes: PP18x12, PP22x15, MCA28x15,5, PP28x18, PP28x22, PP30x35, BVS 30x60, MCA31,5x15,5, PP31,5x18, PP31,5x24, PP31,5x50, PP31,5x60, others on request

Sealing insert: EPE, Saranex, tin-coated, plastic sealing insert (gas-tight for PP and BVS), injected seal (gas-tight for MCA) 

Pourer: with pourer for spirits, non-refillable pourer, oil pourer

Seals and inserts depend on the closure and are not available for all sizes.
Minimum purchase quantities depend on the closure size.

Conforms to the regulations of the EU and Austria for use on food.

Pharmaceutical products:

The caps are designed and produced to meet the high standards required by the Pharmaceutical Industry. When brand protection is critical, a range of security options are available.
Only on request
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